Installing yuuvis® RAD Add-Ins

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yuuvis® RAD Add-Ins are optional components of yuuvis® RAD that can be installed on a Windows workstation to transfer and manage document files from Microsoft Office and Microsoft Outlook on the local workstation in conjunction with yuuvis® RAD core-service via yuuvis® RAD agent.

yuuvis® RAD Add-Ins are installed using MSI packages.

Ensure that the System Requirements are fulfilled before installation.

The following add-ins are available:

  • yuuvis® RAD Outlook add-in
  • yuuvis_rad_outlook_add-in_setup-<Version>.msi.

    For the Outlook function 'Send on Behalf', Windows version 10809 and/or the relevant cumulative updates must at minimum be installed on the workstation to ensure that e-mails are created only once.
    There is no support for the 'New Outlook'.

  • yuuvis® RAD Office add-in
  • yuuvis_rad_office_add-in_setup-<Version>.msi.

  • yuuvis® RAD Template Editor
  • yuuvis_rad_template_editor_setup-<Version>.msi.

    yuuvis® RAD Template Editor for Microsoft Word can be used to embed controls into documents that are linked to object type fields and object properties. Documents can be integrated as a template into yuuvis® RAD client. When creating a document file from a template, the controls can be populated or replaced with the relevant metadata and properties via data transfer.

    The template function is enabled by default; the data transfer to templates is disabled by default.

  • Outlook Add-in for Drag & Drop
  • OS_32bit_outlook_add-in_dd_<Version>.msi for Microsoft Windows 32-bit and Microsoft Outlook 32-bit.

    OS_64bit_outlook_add-in_dd_<Version>.msi for Microsoft Windows 64-bit and Microsoft Outlook 32-bit or Microsoft Outlook 64-bit.

    The add-in converts e-mails into the 'EML' format when they are dragged and dropped from Outlook. It is not dependent on yuuvis® RADcomponents and does not require connections to yuuvis® RAD. E-mails from Outlook must be in the 'EML' format in order to drag and drop them directly into yuuvis® RAD client.

    For licensing reasons OPTIMAL SYSTEMS regularly creates updated MSI packages for the Outlook add-in for drag & drop. Always use the latest version for new installations. Existing installations do not need to be updated under the terms of the license.
    There is no support for the 'New Outlook'.

Only the table of contents is specified for the installations. The connection to yuuvis® RAD core-service is established via yuuvis® RAD agent.

The yuuvis® RAD Add-In is enabled automatically and can be disabled/enabled via the Office and Outlook add-in management.

MSI installation parameter:


    Installation directory


yuuvis® RAD Add-Ins log data in the following directory:

\Users\<User name>\AppData\Local\OPTIMAL_SYSTEMS_GmbH\Logs\yuuvis RAD\


You can uninstall yuuvis® RAD Add-Ins via the Windows Control Panel.


For information on updating components, see Release Information.