Collaborating on Editing Documents with enaio® office-365-dashlet

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If your enaio® system is configured accordingly, you can edit Microsoft Office documents using enaio® office-365-dashlet in the cloud and work on them with other enaio® users. You need to set up the access restrictions differently when using Microsoft Office 365 to edit documents in order to do this:

  • If a user of enaio® opens a document file for editing via enaio® office-365-dashlet, the document file is only checked out when the user makes the first set of changes to the document file in the Microsoft Office 365 cloud. Only then is it possible for other users to open and edit the document file in a different application. In this case, the editor will receive a message in Microsoft Office 365 indicating that changes that were made to the document file in the cloud could not be saved in enaio®.

  • Documents checked out using enaio® office-365-dashlet are flagged with a status icon in hit lists, at the filing location, or in inboxes, etc.

  • Document files that have been checked out using enaio® office-365-dashlet can continue to be edited by other enaio® users.

  • The document edited in the Microsoft Office 365 cloud is not checked in again until the last editor closes the document.

enaio® client provides support for editing Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files using Microsoft Office 365. Older Microsoft file formats (*.doc, *.xls, *.ppt, etc.) must be converted to the newer Microsoft file formats (*.docx, *.xlsx, *.pptx, etc.) before they can be edited.

Other enaio® users who want to edit the same document open this document in the same manner as the first user and in the same manner as described in the step-by-step guide on this page. The other enaio® user will be shown in the Microsoft Office 365 document to be edited based on the properties of Microsoft. Consult the respective Microsoft Office 365 External link: icon guides for more information on it and how to share documents for editing.

When the last enaio® user has finished editing the shared document and exited it, the changes are saved and the document is checked back in to enaio®.

If you have edited the content of an object, the edits you have made will be automatically stored in the object history as an event (see History of Documents). If several enaio® users have edited the content of an object using Microsoft Office 365, the edits that each individual user has made will be stored in the object history as events.

The dashlet will offer you different Microsoft functions, depending on whether you have selected a Word, Excel, or PowerPoint file. You will find a brief description in enaio® office-365-dashlet.