Editing Video Documents

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If you open a video document, it will be displayed with the application which your computer system associates with the file type. Video documents created using the video module (see Capturing Videos) can be exchanged as described below. Video documents created as W-Documents (see Creating and Filing W-Documents) can be edited in the same way as other W-Documents (see Editing W-Documents).

To associate a non-archived video document with another video, follow these steps

This tutorial describes how to edit video documents created with the help of the video module.

  1. Select a video document from a hit list or folder window.

  2. Navigate to the Content ribbon tab and select Edit content or click Content in the context menu.

The video modules will now open the video in the video clip application.

Video clip application

The Video ribbon tab provides the following functions:

Icon Comment

Image comparison – With file – Icon

The Import button enables you to select a new video of type *.avi or *.mpg in the file selection dialog.

File container – Icon

Press File to file the new video in the enaio® filing system. The old video will be overwritten.

Only one video document can be assigned to a video.