Capturing Documents – General Procedure

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enaio® client offers you numerous options for capturing documents. Despite the different ways you can go about this, you must adhere to the following steps when creating and entering documents:

enaio® supports file extensions containing more than ten characters and Unicode characters.
Please note that the maximum supported file size depends on a number of a different factors. This includes the file type, the file content, the specific use case, and the client used.

Identical Documents

To import existing documents, the administrator can activate the option that checks whether these documents already exist in the system (W-Documents are compared with the active variants in variant administration). This comparison prevents documents from being accidentally imported more than once.

Identical documents detected

The use of hash values make the comparison check highly reliable. Nevertheless, there may be cases where two documents with the same hash value are not identical. You therefore have the option of starting a bit check.

To show a list of identical documents, a portfolio (see Portfolios) containing these documents can be compiled.