Core Services

enaio® 11.0 »

The core services are default components of enaio® and are required for operating the enaio® platform and the proper functioning of the individual enaio® components.

The following enaio® components are core services:

enaio® gateway

Central proxy and authentication functions for services.

enaio® documentviewer

Creates previews of documents. It also provides viewing and browsing features for document previews.

enaio® appconnector

Offers flexible access to index and document data.

enaio® appconnector has been discontinued and will be replaced by the 'dms' microservice in one of the following versions.

Core services and all other services are installed with the login as a local system account, but it must be run using an account with administrator rights.

The names of computers on which services are installed may only contain letters from 'a' to 'z,' digits from '0' to '9,' and the hyphen within the name, in accordance with specifications for Internet communication and protocols (see RFC 952 and RFC 1123).