enaio® documentviewer

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enaio® documentviewer integrates the preview of a marked enaio® document into clients as a document preview. enaio® documentviewer offers convenient features for viewing, navigating, and searching.

Due to the integrated components enaio® documentviewer and rendition cache, enaio® rendition also provides options for conversion of files into other file formats and text recognition in image files.

enaio® documentviewer consists of the following components:

  • Web application

  • The web application structures how document previews are shown in clients.

  • Conversion component enaio® rendition

  • enaio® rendition generates renditions from documents (images, PDFs, TIFF, text, thumbnails, etc.).

  • Rendition cache storage component

  • The rendition cache is a cache memory for managing generated renditions centrally. Only one preview is generated per document. If one and the same document is sent multiple times or a reference is created, enaio® documentviewer reuses the preview from the rendition cache.

When you send a document to an internal recipient, enaio® documentviewer allows you to include a reference to the preview file in the e-mail and activate the preview in enaio® webclient. In addition, a thumbnail of the first page of an attached document can be inserted into the e-mail body.

enaio® documentviewer requires an administrator service account.

Installation Requirements

To improve load balancing, it is strongly recommended that you run enaio® documentviewer and the enaio® server computer separately.

enaio® server must run and provide an IP port.

However, enaio® gateway can only be installed after enaio® documentviewer has been installed.

Rapid distribution of data can only be guaranteed if the computer on which enaio® documentviewer runs provides high-speed I/O communication (hard disk, memory, etc.).

Office documents are only shown in enaio® documentviewer in high quality if Microsoft Office (2016, 2019, Office 365 – on-premises, 32- or 64-bit) has been installed and integrated on the computer.

enaio® documentviewer does not need Microsoft Office to work. However, the quality of the displayed Office documents is lower. Ghostscript must be installed to generate TIFF files from the PDF format. Due to license requirements, Ghostscript must be installed separately.

Users can view previews only if they have the appropriate access rights. When document previews are retrieved, an entry is created in the history for both the technical user and, for example, for the user logged in to the client.

Note that access rights are not automatically assigned to new document types and, if required, you will need to subsequently grant read rights for the technical user.


Install enaio® documentviewer as a service via osdocumentviewer_setup.exe located in the directory \Backend\DocumentViewer\.

Copy enaio® installation data onto the computer on which enaio® documentviewer is to be installed, since running the setup from a network can lead to errors.

The runtime environment (JDK and application server), the enaio® rendition conversion components and Rendition Cache are also automatically installed.

The installed runtime environment should be used only for this core service, because the runtime environment is also updated when the core service is updated. If other enaio or third-party components are run in the runtime environment, update errors may occur or the components may not work after an update anymore.

The following data must be entered during the installation process:

  • Directories: cache/database/order/temporary

  • Service name, service display name, and port

  • enaio® server address and port

  • Name and password of the technical user

enaio® documentviewer is installed with the login as a local system account, but it must be run using an account with administrative rights.

Installation automatically registers the service with the respective home URL and service endpoint on enaio® server. These URLs can be opened and edited in enaio® enterprise-manager under Server properties > Category: Services > Documentviewer.

If several servers are used and they will all be accessing one enaio® documentviewer installation, you will need to manually change the URL addresses for all servers in enaio® enterprise-manager after installation.

The workflow monitoring that is integrated in enaio® documentviewer and runs automatically stops all processes that are not being used for a defined amount of time. For that reason, the service may not be executed by the default system user. Open Windows services administrative tool after installation and configure the service so that it is executed in a local system administrator account.
After installation, access to the rendition cache must be restricted to prevent unauthorized external access.