enaio® search NG

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enaio® search NG is a component of enaio® that can be integrated in Microsoft Outlook and can access e-mails that are managed in enaio® from within Microsoft Outlook.

enaio® search NG is installed via the MSI package located in the directory \Frontend\Search NG.

MSI installations require administrator rights.

During installation, you must enter the following address and port for the connection to enaio® server and specify whether you are using HTTP or HTTPS.

For users, the 'search folder enaio' is integrated into their Microsoft Outlook inbox with search forms for the index data and full text. Users can save searches.

For queries, users can add the '*' placeholder for any character and any number of characters in a settings dialog and specify a number of hits above which a message is displayed if there are more hits.

The 'New Outlook for Windows' is not supported.
As of version 10.10, enaio® only supports enaio® search NG. Existing enaio® search installations from versions 10.0 and earlier are automatically uninstalled when enaio® search NG is installed.

The data needed for the installation can also be specified using MSI installation parameters:

  • SERVERHOST=<gateway-IP>

  • SERVERPORT=<gateway-Port>

  • SERVERHTTPS="enabled"
    Optional parameter: HTTP will be used if this parameter is not used.