enaio® 11.0 Administrator Documentation

Get started with an introduction to administering your enaio® system and find information on the most important components and integrations.

The best-practice solution designed for working with stationary computers.

This tool is our digitally managed collaboration solution that encourages cooperation with external partners, regardless of location.

enaio® capture-pro (German only)

enaio® capture-pro includes the Kodak Capture Pro software. It enables you to digitize large quantities of paper documents quickly.

Create folder, register, and document types with enaio® editor and design them via index data forms.

This component provides you with automatic actions that let you import and export large amounts of data.

These integrations form a connection between SAP and your enaio® system.

This integration extends Business Central Pages in Microsoft Dynamics 365 with document storage and display functions.

enaio® goes mobile: Access your enaio® system via browser or a touch screen device.

enaio® is an application that enables you to effectively digitize and index paper documents.

Create scripts that are automatically launched from enaio® client by a user action.

These integrations provide you with functions that facilitate the import to and archiving of Microsoft Outlook items in enaio®.

These integrations provide you with functions in Microsoft Office applications that help you create and store Office documents in enaio®.

enaio® Workflow

Create models with enaio® editor-for-workflow and monitor processes with enaio® administrator-for-workflow.