Events for enaio®

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An event is a VBScript that is assigned to an action in enaio® client with an object or an application situation, and is automatically started from enaio® client by the user action. For example, a script can carry out a validity check or automatically complete data when saving the index data of an object.

Events can also be assigned to server jobs. If a server job is being executed, a script can be executed before or after it.

Server events can be created with JavaScript. Events for enaio® webclient must be created with JavaScript.

Further information on server scripting with JavaScript can be found in the developer documentation. You will also find information about events for enaio® webclient there.

Create events using enaio® editor-for-events. enaio® editor-for-events is integrated in enaio® client. Once a user is provided with all necessary system roles and licenses, the corresponding functions are activated in enaio® client.

For most events, enaio® client creates a handoff file with contextual data that can be accessed for viewing and editing by use of a script. Some events require a return value that can be entered into the handoff file. According to the return value, enaio® client continues to execute the action or stops its execution.

The integrated ActiveX control oxactive.dll offers methods and objects that allow reading and editing data of the handoff file in a script.

In addition, scripts may be used to execute actions independently of enaio® client or to start the execution of actions in enaio® client independently of the handoff file via the COM interface. Details on the COM interface can be found in the Programming reference.

Events are saved to the database, but may also be saved and exchanged as files.

The events written by OPTIMAL SYSTEMS will be provided as files that can be imported and assigned to objects with enaio® editor-for-events.

You need to use enaio® administrator to assign events to users.