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A process configuration consists of several subprograms that edit and forward data. Subprograms establish a link between a subprogram type and a configuration program.

For the configuration process, you can define:

  • which subprograms will be used in which order,
  • which subprograms will be started in auto-mode by enaio® capture,
  • which user is allowed to edit configurations and delete data.

Within a configuration, the configuration programs of the individual subprogram types are used to define how data is processed.

To create a process configuration, carry out the following process steps:

  • Set up a new configuration.
  • Define the user rights for the configuration.
  • Create subprograms, i.e., connect subprogram types with configuration programs.
  • Assign subprograms to the configuration and specify parameters for the sequence of subprograms.
  • Configure how data is processed within the subprograms.

Subprograms of one configuration can be processed at different workstations. All process steps are logged.