Printing Documents

enaio® webclient 10.10 »

enaio® offers a number of options to print a document's content:

  • Context menu function Export icon Export

    To print document files, use the enaio® mobile function in enaio® webclient and Export icon Export in the context menu of a marked document (see Exporting Objects).

    Users require the Export document contents system role in order to export objects.

    Save the document files you want to export in their original format or as a PDF in the local file system. Then open them with an application installed locally on your computer or other device and then print them.

    Please note that not every file format can be converted into PDF format.
    If multiple objects are marked (in a hit list or in a folder, for example), the document files will be combined in a ZIP archive or in a PDF for export.

  • Office 365 icon Office 365 dashlet

    The Microsoft Office 365 dashlet in the preview area also offers the option of printing documents. The print function differs slightly from Word to Excel to PowerPoint. A detailed description of the print functions can be found in The Microsoft Office 365 dashlet. You do not need an Microsoft Office 365 account in order to print files.

    enaio® webclient, enaio® webclient as a desktop application, and enaio® clientExternal link icon supports editing documents using dashlets. This does not apply to enaio® mobile or to mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones, however.

  • desktop application of enaio® webclient

    The desktop application of enaio® webclient offers you the option of printing documents, for example, directly from hit lists or from the filing location. Use the Print document icon Print document function in the context menu of the selected document.

    This print function is not available if a rendition PDF is available for all of the selected documents that can be used to print them.