Opening Filing Locations

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Filing location in enaio® describes the place where an object (e.g., a document, folder, or register) has been filed in the enaio® filing system.

While registers and folders have only one location, documents can have multiple locations in the enaio® filing system. Index data and documents exist physically only once, but can be shown in the system at an unlimited number of locations.

Information on how to add additional filing locations to a document using the copy command is available in Documents with Multiple Locations.

The following options are available for opening a filing location:

You can view information about the object in a message box in open filing locations by clicking or tapping and holding the title bar. This is a useful feature, especially on small screens like those you’ll find on a smartphone. What information is displayed, how it is presented, and the order in which it is shown depends on how the hit list is configured (see Hit List Configuration).