Inviting Project Members

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After a project room has been set up, project owners and project members with a corresponding user-defined role can invite other participants to the project room. The project invitations can be created in the settings view in the Members area.

The invited participants will receive an e-mail with a link to access to the project room. The user can click the invitation link. After doing so, they are redirected to the enaio® coLab login page and, after successful registration (see Starting enaio® coLab) and/or login, a dialog prompts the user to accept the invitation to the coLab project room. After the invitation is confirmed, the project overview page of enaio® coLab is shown with the tile of the project room from which participant was invited.

Validity of Invitations

Sent invitations are shown in the Members settings area until their expiry date. The invitation list is sorted chronologically and shows the recipient, the creation date, and the validity date of the invitation. After the validity has expired, the invitations from the list are no longer shown and the invitation links in the e-mails sent are no longer valid.

Revoking Invitations

As long as the invitations are listed in the Members settings area, project room owners and project members with a corresponding user-defined role have the option of deleting the invitations by clicking the Delete messages icon 'Revoke invitation' icon. This deactivates the invitation link.