Starting enaio® coLab

enaio® coLab 10.10 »

enaio® coLab is started in the browser. It is not necessary to install the program locally. enaio® coLab can be opened in the current versions of popular browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Microsoft Edge (desktop editions).

Initial Login or Registration

A project room owner has invited you to a enaio® coLab project by e-mail (see Inviting Project Members).

In order to participate in enaio® coLab, you have to register and set up a user profile.

To do so, a enaio® coLab project room owner sends an invitation by e-mail containing a link to register for the enaio® coLab project room. The enaio® coLab login page appears if you click the link in your invitation e-mail. You have the opportunity to register for enaio® coLab here.

If enaio® users have opened the enaio® coLab login page in their browser, they can set up a enaio® coLab user profile by logging in with their enaio® user name and enaio® password.

External users have the option of logging in using the data from their social media accounts or using one of their e-mail addresses to register and set up a user profile in enaio® coLab. The following options for registering for enaio® coLab are available to external users:

The login via different login channels (such as Google or LinkedIn) leads to the creation of different user profiles. No synchronization or data exchange is possible between the user profiles.

No e-mail address is stored in enaio® coLab when registering via social media accounts such as Google, LinkedIn, and Microsoft. For this reason, notifications such as those regarding assigned tasks are not possible.