Task Assignments

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Tasks can be assigned to project members in enaio® coLab. This can be done both when creating the task and later on. Task assignments can also be changed or cleared later on. Each project member can assign tasks and change or clear task assignments.

You can find information in Creating Tasks on how to assign tasks to project members when creating a task.

You can find information in Editing Tasks on how to assign tasks and change and clear task assignments later on.

Viewing Task Assignments

You can view which project member has been assigned to which tasks in enaio® coLab in the tasks view (in the Assigned to column in the task table). If a project member has been assigned a task, this task is also shown on the project’s home screen of the respective project member.

It is possible that the tasks view and the task area on the project’s home screen have been hidden in the settings of enaio® coLab (see The General Settings Area).

Task Assignment Notifications

Project members can be informed about the assignment of tasks by e-mail, as long as they have the corresponding right (see User Interface and Roles) and as long as the function has been configured accordingly in the user settings of the project room (see User settings > E-Mails).

Among other things, the task notification e-mail contains a link to the assigned task.

No e-mail address is stored in enaio® coLab when registering via social media accounts such as Google, LinkedIn, and Microsoft. For this reason, notifications such as those regarding assigned tasks are not possible.

Task Assignments of Deleted Project Members

The assignment for tasks that were assigned to deleted project members is lost. They may have to be reassigned to other project members.