User Interface and Roles

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This online help describes the user interface and the functions of enaio® coLab. The number of rights available to you to use certain functions in enaio® coLab depends on your user role. By default, enaio® coLab has the following user roles: Guest, Member, User, and coLab administrator. The coLab administrator can also configure additional user-defined roles (see Admin Settings).

Project room owners and coLab administrators are responsible for assigning user roles in the project room they are members of. They can also change the assignment of a user role later (see Changing the Roles of Project Members). The coLab administrator is responsible for editing a user-defined role.

You can see which role you have been assigned in the list of project members on the home screen of the respective project room and in the settings in the members area. The table below lists the rights of the roles available by default.

  Guest Member Owner coLab administrator

Edit task

x x x  
Create task x x x  
Delete task x x x  
task area
  x x  
Edit task group x x x  
Create task group x x x  
Delete task group x x x  
Replace file   x x  
Download file x x x  
Delete file     x  
Cancel sharing     x  
Share file     x  
Rename file     x  
Add new file   x x  
Create invitation     x  
Delete invitation     x  
Change role of project member     x  
Leave project room x x x  
Delete membership     x x1
Edit message x x x  
Create message x x x  
Delete message x x x  
message area
  x x  
e-mail notifications
x x x  
Edit project room description     x  
Rename project room     x  
Edit query depth     x  
Delete project room     x x2
Create custom roles       x

1 In all project rooms, except the project room owner. In project rooms, in which coLab administrators are also a member, you can delete the membership of project room owners.

2 All project rooms.

Unless stated otherwise, the assignment of rights applies only to the project room in which you are a member. This means, for example: the rights as project room owner are granted to you only for the project room in which you are project room owner. If you are a 'Guest' in another project room, you only have the rights of the guest role there.