Deleting Files and Folders

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Folders and files in enaio® coLab can be deleted. The project member rights and the object type determine who may delete which objects (see Objects and Permissions).

Deleting Folders

Folders in enaio® coLab can only be deleted using enaio®. Therefore a project member who wants to delete a folder in a project room in enaio® coLab must also be an enaio® user.

Deleting Files

Files in enaio® coLab can be deleted in the following ways:

The link in the tasks is also deleted if files that were linked to tasks are deleted. If files linked with messages are deleted, the message is indicated by the "Link to this file is not active" message.

If you have deleted folders and files in enaio®, you may have to update the contents of your browser tab in enaio® coLab so that you can see the changes in the directory structure. Click the Refresh icon Refresh icon in your browser to refresh.

If the features described above are not available to you, then it may be because you have been assigned a user-defined role that does not contain the corresponding rights. Contact a coLab administrator or the project room owner if you have any questions or if you need these rights.