The Tasks View

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Every project room has its own tasks view. The tasks view gives you an overview of the tasks created in the project room. You can create, edit, and delete tasks and task groups in the tasks view. You can also assign tasks to project members, set deadlines, and mark them as completed. You can find detailed documentation on working with tasks in enaio® coLab in Creating Tasks.

You can open the tasks view by clicking the Tasks icon Tasks icon in the header of enaio® coLab.

It is possible that the tasks view and the task area on the project’s home screen have been hidden in the settings of enaio® coLab (see The General Settings Area).

The tasks view is divided into the Task groups and Tasks areas.

The Task groups Area

The task groups are used to manage many tasks in a structured way. Each project member can create, edit, and delete task groups. The following functions are available to you in the Task groups area:

The list of task groups can be sorted by clicking the title bar of the list. The number next to the Task groups description indicates the number of task groups.

The Tasks Area

The tasks of a task group are listed in the Tasks area as a table. You have to select the corresponding task group in the task groups area to view the tasks of another task group. The following functions are available to you in the Tasks area:

The first column in the task table contains checkboxes for indicating completed tasks. If you activate a checkbox, the corresponding task is crossed out. Function icons, such as Assign task icon 'Assign user' or Rename file icon Pencil, are deactivated and shown in gray.

If you have set one or more tasks to Completed, you can hide them from the task table by clicking the Hide completed button. Clicking the Show all button will show all tasks, both completed and uncompleted, again. The currently active view is indicated by the highlighted button. This setting is not saved when you exit the view. The default setting is shown with all tasks if you leave the tasks view and open it again later.

If the features described above are not available to you, then it may be because you have been assigned a user-defined role that does not contain the corresponding rights. Contact a coLab administrator or the project room owner if you have any questions or if you need these rights.