Leaving enaio® coLab Projects

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There are various options when you have finished working on a project or if you want to leave a enaio® coLab project permanently for other reasons.

Deleting Project Memberships

If you still want to work with enaio® coLab but need to delete membership in a project, you can do this in the settings view of the respective project. Open the settings view by clicking the Settings icon Settings icon in the header of enaio® coLab. You will find a list of all project members in the Members settings area. You leave the project by clicking the Leave project icon Leave project icon behind your member name in this list.

As an alternative, if you no longer have access to enaio® coLab, you can contact the owner of a project or a coLab administrator when you know the e-mail address of the project room owner or a coLab administrator. The project room owner manages the members of a project and can therefore also delete your membership (see Managing Project Members). A coLab administrator can delete project members with the Guest or Member roles from all projects.

Deleting User Profiles

Your user profile in enaio® coLab is retained, even if you no longer belong to a project. You can have your profile deleted in enaio® coLab if you no longer want to work with enaio® coLab. enaio® coLab profiles are managed by the administrator of the enaio® system. Contact a project room owner or a coLab administrator and have them delete the profile if you do not know who the administrator of the enaio® system is.

You can find out who owns a project on the home screen and in the User Settings of the respective project. The e-mail address of the project room owner is also shown under Settings > Members.

If you do not know the e-mail address of any project room owner or coLab administrator, you can also contact the company from which you received the invitation to enaio® coLab.