Installing enaio® webclient

enaio® 10.10 »

In this version, enaio® webclient is installed as a 'osweb' microservice with enaio® service-manager and has to be reconfigured with enaio® services-admin as part of an update.

The previous configuration cannot be transferred. This configuration has been saved in the file. Save this file before uninstalling enaio® webclient version 10.0.

Some parameters have been removed from enaio® webclient's functionality. The corresponding settings are now based on the general enaio® settings and the individual system roles and access rights of the users.

Installation Requirements

  • enaio® server is installed and launched.

  • The 'WEB' license is integrated in enaio® enterprise-manager.

  • The following microservices are installed: 'license' und 'dms'.

  • enaio® gateway is installed, started, and configured for login.

  • enaio® appconnector is installed and launched.

New Installations

If the installation requirements have been met, then please perform the following steps:


To perform an update, please follow these steps:

  • As with the new installation, install the 'osweb' service and configure it.

  • After the technical user has been removed, check whether the access rights for the users need to be changed.

  • After removing configuration parameters for the functionality, check whether the system roles for the users need to be changed.

  • Delete the entry for the webclient-updates endpoint for the update feature of enaio® webclient as a desktop application from the application-prod.yml configuration file of enaio® gateway as well as the osweb endpoint located there:

    defaultEntryPoint: '/osweb'
     - endpoint:
        name: osweb
        url: 'http://<host>:9090'
  • The previous port '9090' has been changed to '7900'. Check whether any changes need to be made, such as to the firewall settings.

  • Calls can no longer be made using the \ parameter. Instead, you can use /#/entry? to enter.

  • Once the update is complete, the old installation can be deinstalled using the Control Panel.

  • If the former technical user does not have functions elsewhere, then it can be deleted.

  • Configurations for integrating into an iFrame are no longer necessary.

enaio® webclient version 10.10

Access Rights – Technical User

Until now, a technical user was integrated for enaio® webclient, whose access rights had a significant influence: The access rights of an enaio® webclient user were based on where the access rights of the technical user and those of the logged-in user overlapped. This concept made it possible to adhere to restrictions for object types that differed between enaio® webclient and enaio® client. Thanks to the approximate functional equality of enaio® webclient and enaio® client, this is no longer necessary and the function of the technical user has been eliminated. This standardized configurations for enaio® client and enaio® webclient and made them clearer for enaio® webclient.

Access rights are only based on the individual access rights of the users.

If extensive adjustments to user access rights and scripts are necessary in installations, then the technical user can continue to be included as a transitional measure. This option will only be available until the next major release after 11.0.


The functionality of enaio® is based on the individual system roles and general enaio® settings. The following parameters have been removed:

version 10.0 parameters Replaced with:

Open location


A new system role has been added for this function:

Webclient: Open location

Enable workflow


System role 'Client: Use workflow'

Show object search

System role 'Client: Run default search'

Enable export


System role 'Client: Export document contents'

Enable hit list export


System role 'Client: Export index data'

Support for basic parameters


Entry in the as.cfg file of the file directory:


Enable full-text search


The full-text search is enabled if the 'search' microservice is installed. Users need the 'Client: Run default search' system role.

Office 365 integration


Office 365 is enabled if the Office 365 microservices are installed.

Enable variant administration


The variant administration is always enabled for enaio® webclient.



The logging is configured via enaio® services-admin.

Server connection



enaio® service-manager knows the data for the server connection.

Technical user



The technical user has been removed.