Installing enaio® service-manager

enaio® 10.10 »

The runtime environment is part of the installation data and will be automatically installed when the setup is run.

The os_service-manager_setup.exe setup file can be found under \Backend\Service-Manager in the installation data.

  1. Double-click os_service-manager_setup.exe to run it.

    The installation wizard will guide you through the installation:

    Language selection German/English
    Build number Welcome screen with build number
    Installation directory Installation directory for enaio® service-manager
    Windows service Technical service name and service display name for enaio® service-manager
    HTTP port Port for enaio® service-manager, default: 7281
    enaio® server

    Address of enaio® server with port, technical user, and password

    The technical user for the services requires access rights to all folder, register, and document types, as well as the system roles 'Server: Switch job context' and 'Server: Execute ADO jobs.'

    User and password are stored in the application-blue.yml file. The password can be encrypted.

    Service applications Selection of services for enaio® service-manager
  2. Click Exit.

enaio® service-manager will be installed with the selected services and will then be launched if specified.


An uninstaller is created during installation in the directory \Services\service-manager\, which uninstalls enaio® service-manager and the services.