Installation: Order

enaio® 10.10 »

In general, use the following order to install the central components of enaio®:

  • Database

    Set up and deploy database according to the system requirements.

  • Elasticsearch

    Install Elasticsearch and generate password.

  • enaio® server

    enaio® server needs to be running and accessible for the following service installations.

  • Services

    enaio® documentviewer, enaio® appconnector, enaio® communicator, enaio® webservices

  • enaio® gateway

    enaio® gateway needs to be installed after the other services.

  • enaio® service-manager

    enaio® service-manager with the required services.

  • Administration components

    The enaio® administrator, enaio® editor, enaio® enterprise-manager, enaio® editor-for-workflow, enaio® administrator-for-workflow.

  • enaio® client

  • FineReader

Services: Start Order

Services have a reconnect function. To ensure smooth operation, we recommend to start the services in the following order with timeouts:

  1. Database and Elasticsearch

  2. enaio® server

  3. enaio® gateway


  4. enaio® service-manager


  5. enaio® appconnector

  6. enaio® webservices

  7. enaio® documentviewer

  8. enaio® communicator

The length of the timeout depends on the network. If services are connected multiple times, then all of them should be started at the same time.

You can execute the start in this order with timeouts using a batch file, for example.


sc \\enaioserver1 start "enaioserver"
sc \\enaioserver2 start "enaio blue gateway"
timeout /t 10
sc \\enaioserver2 start "enaio_blueline_service-manager"
sc \\enaioserver3 start "enaio_blueline_service-manager"
timeout /t 20
sc \\enaioserver2 start "enaio blue appconnector"

Stop Order

If you want to stop the services, then we recommend you follow the exact opposite order to the start order.