enaio® client: Requirements

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Installation Requirements

  • The computer hardware meets minimum requirements.
  • The operating system has to be installed and meet the minimum requirements.
  • The logged-in user has administrator rights at operating system level.
  • The logged-in user has write access to the Windows registry.
  • The logged-in user has write access to the %Windir%\System32 directory.
  • The logged-in user has write access to the installation directory and to all subdirectories.
  • enaio® server is installed, started, and provides an IP port.
  • A system directory for temporary files places document files in the cache tray and the hard drive has to provide adequate storage volume. The enaio® client user has write access to this directory.

Components for debugging scripts used to be installed together with the installation of enaio® client. For licensing reasons, this is no longer possible. Instead, Visual Studio can be installed on the corresponding workstations. Visual Studio is available with different licensing models. Recommendation: Visual Studio Community Edition with workload 'Cross-platform .NET Core Development' installed.

To create e-mails with Outlook, you need to modify the Windows Registry if enaio® client and Outlook have different bits.

Windows Versions

If enaio® client is run under Windows 8.x, there may be display errors on the enaio® client user interface in RDP sessions if the Visual styles option is disabled, as well as in Citrix sessions. To avoid these display errors, we recommend setting the user interface of Windows operating systems to the Windows Aero Theme.