Unlocking Document Files

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Document files can be locked while the file content is being processed (see Locking Document Files). If you edited a document file using yuuvis® RAD agent and locked it yourself, you can also remove the document lock yourself.

Locked document files are indicated in yuuvis® RAD client by icons in the header of the object area. Documents shown with a yellow Locked icon Lock icon have been locked by you.

Other Ways to Unlock Document Files

If you change the metadata for a document file that you locked yourself, the lock is removed automatically!

  • When using the Check in or Discard action in yuuvis® RAD agent, the lock is removed from the document file.

  • If you have a locked document and select Save and check in or File as new in yuuvis® RAD Office Add-In, the lock is also removed.

  • The lock is also removed when you delete the document file in yuuvis® RAD client.

Locked by Other Users

Document files locked by other yuuvis® RAD users are indicated by a red Locked icon Lock icon. You cannot remove this lock. Mouse over the Locked icon Lock icon in yuuvis® RAD client to see which user has currently locked the document. If necessary, contact the user in question or an administrator and ask them to unlock the document.

Locked by yuuvis® RAD office-365-dashlet

Document files that have been edited using yuuvis® RAD office-365-dashlet are not checked back in until the last yuuvis® RAD user closes the document file in the Microsoft Office 365 cloud. It is not possible to check Microsoft Office 365 documents back in using the Release lock icon Release lock action.