Metadata Foms

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Every business object in yuuvis® RAD is based on an object type and its specific metadata form.

When an object is created, the object type is determined and the metadata form is filled out. Fields in the form can be prepopulated with default values or values automatically extracted from the document files.

The properties of the form fields are configured by the administrator. Notices are shown if entries in fields and references between fields do not match these specifications.

The autocomplete feature is available when entering metadata into catalogs and form tables. Terms that have already been entered will be shown and can be inserted once you start typing.

Only integers from -231 to 231-1 (i.e., from -2,147,483,648 to 2,147,483,647) may be entered in the metadata form. Entries that fall outside this range will cause rounding or other errors.

Metadata Form Fields

Field Property
Mandatory field Mandatory fields must be completed, which is why they are indicated by an asterisk. The name of mandatory fields is shown in red for newly created objects and in gray for changed metadata.
Numerical field Digits. The maximum number of digits and decimal places is defined.
ID field

User or group. Selection from a suggestion list after two characters have been entered.

Free inputs are not accepted.

Catalog field

Catalog entry. Selection from a suggestion list after one character has been entered or via the catalog.

For hierarchical catalogs with entries in layers, the administrator configures whether the entries for all layers are accepted or only the entry for the lowest layer.

Free inputs are not accepted.

Date field

Date. Free input or via the calendar. The date must be between 01/01/1753 and 12/31/9999. The format of the date varies based on the user’s language settings.

German: DD.MM.YYYY

English: MM/DD/YYYY

Please note when selecting the date: depending on your language setting, the week display in the yuuvis® RAD client calendar starts on a Sunday (English and other languages) or on a Monday (German and other languages). This function is not yet supported by the Firefox and Safari browsers.

Checkboxes Checkboxes have either the status 'active' or 'not active'. On an administrative level, the additional status 'neutral' can also be integrated.

Entry via a dialog. New rows are added at the bottom.

Double-clicking a row opens the dialog for editing or deleting the row.

E-mail field

E-mail address. A new e-mail with this address can be opened in the local e-mail application via the e-mail icon.

Sample entry:

URL field

URL. The URL can be opened in the browser via the WWW icon.

Input example:

Reference field Referenced on another object (see References).
Multi-field Field that allows several entries (see Multi-fields).