The Search Dialog

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The search dialog offers a wide range of search functionalities in yuuvis® RAD. Click the Search icon Search icon on the yuuvis® RAD bar to open the search dialog.

The Global Search Field

You can search in the global search field of the search dialog by search term or string in the metadata and/or in the content of folders and document files. You can use the buttons located above the search field to limit the search to metadata and/or to document content.

You can combine the search with placeholders, additional terms, and operators (see Search Terms, Placeholders, Etc.). After having entered three characters, yuuvis® RAD will suggest possible search terms in a drop-down list.

In addition, you can access the Expert search icon Expert search by clicking in the global search field.

The Search Aspects and Search Form

You can narrow down the object search in the search dialog to specific object types and to specific object properties. You can show a list of object types via the Object type search aspect. If you click the name of an object type, the corresponding search form appears with the metadata search fields for this object type.

You can sort the list of object types to meet your individual requirements. Movement arrows appear in the header if you move your mouse over an object type list's header. Click a movement arrow to move the object type list to the right or left in order to sort the object type lists. The order of object type lists is saved locally and for each available language.

Your customizations may be reset if your administrator makes changes to object type definitions.

You can view the corresponding object properties to narrow down the object search to specific object properties by clicking the search aspect titles Created, Modified, and Document file. Tick the desired checkbox or fill in the appropriate search fields to narrow down the search as much as possible.

You can enable and combine with one another in the different search aspects as many search criteria as needed. The number of expected hits changes automatically.

The Your Search Search Criteria Overview

The search criteria you select will be listed in the Your search overview and can be removed from it, as well. You can also reset or save the overview with the current search criteria.

Saving Searches

The search input will remain until the next search, even if you exit the search dialog. You can reuse the input for the next search, save it (see Saving Searches), or reset it.

Saved searches will be transferred to the Saved searches area in the Main menu icon Main menu.