Checking and Deploying Projects

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Projects are deployed on a server via the context menu of a project file. The project schema is automatically checked before it is deployed. Both the references within the project schema and the references to the project schema on a server for which a connection is to be made are checked. A check is also performed to ensure that the number of object types does not exceed the number of object types permitted in the license file. Only the schema is checked, and not the other components of the project.

Process models are checked during editing. When deploying the project, you are asked if the process models should be uploaded to the in-tray of yuuvis® RAD management-studio.

Uploading the process models with the project always reloads all models without matching the existing ones. New or changed process models should only be uploaded via yuuvis® RAD management-studio in running systems.

If the schema contains errors, the project cannot be deployed; if warnings are displayed, you can still cancel or deploy the project.

The users need to log in again after changes are made to the schema. If object types have been deleted, the 'Agent' service may have to be reloaded to work with yuuvis® RAD agent and users will need to reconnect to yuuvis® RAD agent.
The preset timeout for the deployment of the project is five minutes. The value can be changed by the specific user via the user.config file located in the following directory:
Parameter: activationTimeout

Checking a Project Schema

The project schema can be checked via the context menu of the 'Schema' section. The results of the check are displayed:

  • Error icon Error prevent a project from being activated.
  • The schema contains errors if references between object types, catalogs, and counters contain errors.

  • Warnings icon Warnings do not prevent a project from being activated.
  • A warning is shown if existing data is no longer available on the connected server after the new project schema has been activated.

Schema History

When deploying a project, you can enter a comment on schema changes. Comments are displayed in the schema history of yuuvis® RAD management-studio. If only roles were changed in the project, the comment is not copied.

The schema history can be opened in yuuvis® RAD management-studio via Menu > System > Schema history.

The date, version number, comment on the schema change, and user are displayed.

Schema versions from the history can be exported. The data is used by the support and consulting teams to analyze the changes. The exported data cannot be viewed or imported.


After the project has been updated, the relevant changes regarding roles and full text data are automatically implemented.

If only display names and descriptions of object types have been changed, the corresponding adjustments will not be implemented in full if the 'index' service is terminated in the meantime. In this case, you can implement the adjustment as follows:

  • Call the URL: http://<service-admin-IP>:7291/swagger-ui.html#!/api-controller/reindexTypeResourcesUsingPOST

  • Specify object type

  • Click Try it out! click
  • The adjustment starts promptly.