Defining Filing Locations

yuuvis® RAD designer 10.x »

The filing locations where object types can be contained must be specified.

To define filing locations for object types in a project schema, follow these steps:

  1. Double-click an object type in the project schema.

    A tab view will open in the workspace for the object type.

  2. Click Filing locations in the view area.

    An overview table appears with the possible filing locations for the object type.

  3. Click the number icons in the Without, One or Any columns:

    • Without (0) locks the filing location for this object type.
    • One (1) permits one instance of the object type in the filing location.
    • Any (∞) permits any number of instances of the object type in the filing location.
    • The root, as the highest level of the filing structure, can be allowed as the filing location for all object types.
  4. When you have entered all the information you require, click Save on the Object type tab.

    The project schema is saved.

  5. In the context menu of the edited project schema, click Deploy if you want to immediately deploy the project on the server.

    The project with the modified schema data and roles is saved and deployed on the server.