Creating Object Type Fields for Metadata

yuuvis® RAD designer 10.x »

Create fields for metadata for each object type. A column with the corresponding data type is created for each field in the database table of an object type.

To create object type fields, follow these steps

  1. Open the Projects area via the View ribbon tab.

    Projects are shown in the Projects area with the project file name in the hierarchical structure tree.

  2. Double-click an object type in the project schema.

    A tab view will open in the workspace for the object type.

  3. Click Fields in the view area.

    An overview table of the object type fields and their properties appears.

  4. Specify a technical name and a display name for the desired fields and select a data type from the list of permitted types.

    You cannot change the data type later.

  5. Click the Plus icon Plus icon at the end of the row to add the field.

    You can remove an added field by clicking the X at the end of a row.

  6. Define the properties of the field in the Properties area.
  7. When you have entered all the information you require, click Save on the Object type tab.

    The project schema is saved.

  8. In the context menu of the edited project, click Deploy if you want to immediately deploy the project on the server.

    The project with the changed data is saved and deployed on the server.

yuuvis® RAD client automatically reloads the deployed project.

Fields with their properties can be copied using Ctrl+C and pasted using Ctrl+V or Ins for the same or another object type. Fields can also be dragged and dropped within the object type. Properties that need to be modified after they are copied are highlighted in the Properties area.