Creating Multi-Fields for Metadata

yuuvis® RAD designer 10.x »

Multiple values can be entered into multi-fields on a metadata form.

Multi-fields cannot be used for title or description formatting, and in yuuvis® RAD client, they cannot be used for sorting hit lists. Prepopulation features for multi-fields are not evaluated for the creation of new objects.

Create a field of type Set [String], Set [StringEx], Set [CatalogEntry], or Set [ID] in order to create a multi-field for a metadata form in yuuvis® RAD client.

To create multi-fields in a project schema, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Projects area via the View ribbon tab.

    Projects are shown in the Projects area with the project file name in the hierarchical structure tree.

  2. Double-click an object type in the project schema.

    A tab view will open in the workspace for the object type.

  3. Click Fields in the view area.

    An overview table of the object type fields and their properties appears.

  4. Create a field of type Set [String], Set [StringEx], Set [CatalogEntry], or Set [ID].
  5. Set [CatalogEntry]: Specify catalog

    Set [ID]: Optional: Specify classification.

    These fields on forms must not be assigned the Multi-row property.

  6. Save the project and deploy the project schema on the server.

The new multi-field can be added to a form. Multiple values can be assigned to the field in yuuvis® RAD client.

In addition to the technical name, multi-fields also have a technical element name that is used for unique referencing, for example, in scripts.