Creating Object Type Fields for Users or Groups

yuuvis® RAD designer 10.x »

You can create a field for an object type in which a user can enter one or more users or user groups via an ID in a corresponding form field in yuuvis® RAD client. If a value has been specified for a user in yuuvis® RAD client, this value can be evaluated and searched.

A responsible user for a contract document is entered in a Person in charge field. This user can then search for all contracts in yuuvis® RAD client for which he or she is responsible. yuuvis® RAD client can also automatically search for contracts to be checked and send a message to the person in charge.

For a BPM form, the recipients of the following activities are selected via a Recipients field. Activities can be automatically assigned to the recipients.

To create object type fields for users or group IDs in a project schema, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Projects area via the View ribbon tab.

    Projects are shown in the Projects area with the project file name in the hierarchical structure tree.

  2. Double-click an object type in the project schema.

    A tab view will open in the workspace for the object type.

  3. Click Fields in the view area.

    An overview table of the object type fields and their properties appears.

  4. Create or select a field of the data type 'ID'.
  5. Switch to the Properties area and go to Behavior > Classification.
  6. Select User/Group from the selection menu.
  7. Save the project and deploy the project schema on the server.

The new field gets the User/Group classifying property. The field can be added to a form. One or multiple users or user groups can be assigned to the field in yuuvis® RAD client.