Object Aspects

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Object aspects are displayed by default in yuuvis® RAD client with the following configuration and order:

Column 1 Column 2
Summary / Metadata / History / References Content

Users can change the order of the aspects in yuuvis® RAD client and change to a single-column view by arranging all aspects in one column. Aspects cannot be hidden by users.

The aspects, order, and division in both columns can be pre-configured administratively. Users can also change the order and column division, but cannot hide aspects or show aspects that have been hidden by configuration.

Configuration is carried out via the following file:


The default configuration has the following structure:

{"master": ["summary", "indexdata", "history", "links"], "slave": ["preview"]}

The aspects are displayed in the specified order. Aspects that are not specified are not displayed. The first column is called the 'master' in the configuration and the second column is the 'slave'. In a single-column view the second column ('slave') is not assigned an aspect: "slave": []

If the configuration has been changed, users must delete cookies and website data in the browser to update the configuration.

Changes in the main.json configuration file can be overwritten by updates. If you enter the corresponding parameters in the extend.json configuration file located in the <service-manager-data>\webresource\resources\client\assets\_default\config\< directory, the changes are retained. We recommend you use only the extend.json file for configurations.