Editing Container Documents

enaio® client 11.0 »

To edit the content or properties of a container document, click the Edit content icon Edit content icon in the context menu of the selected container. Alternatively, you can double-click the container document.

As with W-Documents, the object type options in the object search can be used to specify whether container documents should be opened in read-only format.

If you edit a container document, the action dialog is displayed. This dialog is also displayed when you open a container document.

Container documents – Action dialog

After opening a container, you will find the Container ribbon tab and its various functions for container creation and management in the header area of enaio® client.

After opening a container document, you can open the Container properties dialog icon Container properties dialog via the context menu of the container document to configure paths, working directories, the control file, and more.

After editing, the directory contents including all changes and newly added documents can be retransferred into the archive. If you unpacked data and the container document is checked out, you will have to check it back in (see Checking In Documents). Files may be synchronized, depending on the container's properties (see Container properties).

Zip archives have a maximum size of 2 GB. If this size is exceeded, file comparison and file addition will fail and create an error message.