User Interface

enaio® capture 11.0 »

Start a batch which is assigned to the subprogram AXVALID by double-clicking the batch icon, by selecting Edit from the context menu, or by clicking Edit - icon Edit in the menu ribbon.

The user interface has the following areas:

  • the ribbon with the ENAIO and START tabs,

    with all features used to run AXVALID.

  • the preview area

    with previews of all pages in the batch.

    By selecting Preview on the START tab, you can enable or disable this area.

  • the workspace

    where the pages are displayed,

  • the navigation panel

    with buttons allowing you to navigate between pages and documents.

    The panel will be displayed at the top in the data area and can be hidden. On the START tab you will find the following features:

  • the data area

    with indexing and information fields.