Getting Started

enaio® capture 11.0 »

Start enaio® capture, and the following window will open.

enaio® capture – Screenshot


In the inner workspace, you will find a list of all Configurations icon Configurations that define the sequence and execution of the subprograms.

You can specify whether the configurations are shown in a tree view with the Open tree icon Open tree command in the View ribbon group.

When creating a configuration, the visibility can be limited to single enaio® user groups so you may only see the configuration to be edited by you.


Various work items of a configuration are assigned in the form of Subprogram icon Subprograms. Batches are then assigned to the subprograms in turn. A Subprogram icon Subprogram can be started via the assigned batch.


A batch contains all data for a work item. Start a batch that is assigned to a subprogram by double-clicking the batch symbol, or single-clicking the Edit - icon Edit icon in the ribbon or the Edit in the context menu. After the batch has been edited, it will be assigned to the next subprogram. Finally, it ends up in the Filing tray - icon Filing tray.

Configurations, subprograms, or batches can be locked if you are working at another workstation.