enaio® data-transfer Add-in NG (beta)

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enaio® data-transfer Add-in NG is a new add-in for Microsoft Word. The add-in includes enaio® template-editor and the function used to transfer index data in documents with controls created using enaio® template-editor.

Transferring data for controls can only be done via the data transfer function of enaio® data-transfer Add-in NG and cannot be done via the data transfer function of enaio® Office Add-In NG.

enaio® template-editor requires the object definition and assumes that enaio® client or enaio® webclient as a desktop application is installed on the workstation and that they connect to a running client. If no client is started, an attempt will be made to start a client.

The 'CDE' license is required at the workstation. The license is managed via the 'license' service and must be integrated there.

The 'data-transfer' service must be installed.


The installation is performed via the enaio_office_addin_data_transfer.msi MSI package located in the installation data’s \Frontend directory.

enaio® template-editor

enaio® template-editor must be activated at the workstation via one of the registry editor’s strings.

Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\OPTIMAL SYSTEMS\enaio\enaio data transfer NG String: TemplateEditorEnabled Value: true


Uninstall enaio® data-transfer Add-in NG using the Windows Control Panel.