Outlook Add-In for drag and drop

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Outlook Add-In for drag and drop is an OEM add-in with OPTIMAL SYSTEMS MSI packages.

It makes it possible to drag-and-drop e-mails from Microsoft Outlook into any application and is required to use this function in enaio® webclient and enaio® webclient as a desktop application.

It extracts e-mails in 'EML' format, which is required for enaio®, as a complete file with all attachments. E-mails in 'EML' format can be opened without restrictions by other operating systems and with different browsers.

This function is not visibly integrated. The add-in can be deactivated/activated via add-in management in Microsoft Outlook. Microsoft Outlook must then be restarted.

enaio® client does not require the Outlook Add-In for drag and drop. E-mails in 'MSG' format are automatically converted to 'EML' format.
enaio® Outlook Add-In NG also does not require the Outlook Add-In for drag and drop.


The installation is performed via MSI packages.

  • OS_32bit_outlook_add-in_dd.msi for Microsoft Windows 32-bit and Microsoft Outlook 32-bit.

  • OS_64bit_outlook_add-in_dd.msi for 64-bit Microsoft Windows and 32-bit Microsoft Outlook or 64-bit Microsoft Outlook.

The MSI packages are part of the installation data in the directory \Frontend.

MSI installations require administrator rights and should be carried out using an administrator command line when user account control is enabled.

OPTIMAL SYSTEMS creates updated MSI packages on a regular basis for licensing reasons. Only use the most recent version for each new installation. Existing installations do not need to be updated for licensing reasons.
The 'New Outlook for Windows' is not supported.


Uninstall Outlook Add-In for drag and drop from the Windows Control Panel.