Configuration Files for Services

enaio® 11.0 »

The configuration files for services are managed in the \config directory by default.

For environments with distributed services and multiple systems – development, test, production – the configuration files can be managed via Git.

The following steps are necessary:

  • Execute enaio_service-managerw.exe located in the \bin directory.

  • Open the Startup tab.
  • Customize the arguments area:

    Delete the native profile<git>

    Attach new parameters:

    • Git address
    • Technical user with password for Git access
    • Branch for the configuration files
    • Optional: Update in seconds

      Default = 0, update with every request

  • Copy the configuration files to the Git branch.
  • The servicewatcher-sw.yml, logback-spring.xml, and logback.xml configuration files must remain in the \config directory.

  • Restart enaio® service-manager.

enaio® service-manager will now use the configuration files in the Git branch.

Service Updates

  • If new services are installed, the configuration files in the \config directory will be installed and must be manually copied to the Git branch.

  • The following configuration files are merged during a service update:

    index-prod.yml, search-prod.yml, ccservice-prod.yml, migration-prod.yml, application-es.yml, servicewatcher-sw.yml

    These files must be copied back into the \config directory before a service update in order to enable merging.

    All others from the \config directory are backed up and restored after the update.