OCR: ABBYY FineReader

enaio® 11.0 »

You can install ABBYY FineReader via the setup file located in the \Backend\Finereader directory.

You need the SMUA license provided by OPTIMAL SYSTEMS for installation. There you can also find information regarding the number of licenses required for your installation.

The SMUA license is managed by the 'license' service. In addition, the 'SMU' license must be integrated in enaio® server via enaio® enterprise-manager.

Install ABBYY FineReader on the computer on which the 'ocr' service is installed.

An installation is also necessary even if enaio® capture is installed and the OCR integrated.

If a zonal OCR is used in enaio® client, then an installation is necessary on the enaio® server computer.

There should be only one ABBYY FineReader installation on the computer. If there are multiple installations on one computer, it can cause errors.

The 'ocr' service can be configured.