Installation, Licensing, and Security System

enaio® 11.0 »

The enaio® editor-for-events components will be automatically installed when installing enaio® client.

To enable the creation of events, the workstation must be provided with the 'EVE' license, the 'ASC' client license, and the system role 'Client: Create events'. Additionally, the system role 'Client: Debug events' is required if you need to test events.

To import events that were created by OPTIMAL SYSTEMS, the 'ASC' client license and the system role 'Editor: Customize database' are needed at the workstation.

You require the 'Editor: Customize database' and 'Client: Create events' system roles to delete events. In both cases, the 'EVE' license is not required.

The 'SDE' license is necessary if the 'dtr.SynchronizeData' server job is used as event to transfer data.

Activate access to the functions in the enaio® client settings so that they are available in the 'Object search' area.