Installing the PostgreSQL Database

enaio® coLab 11.0 »

To set up the PostgreSQL database for enaio® coLab, follow these steps

  1. Download the latest PostgreSQL installer.

    Version 10.x or later is supported. We recommend version 13.x or later.

  2. Install the PostgreSQL database.

  3. In PostgreSQL, navigate to Start > pgAdmin 4 and log in with the password you entered when installing PostgreSQL.

  4. Create a new user by right-clicking Login/Group Roles > Create > Login/Group Role...

  5. Enter the permissions for the new user as follows:

    Permission Setting
    Can login? Yes
    Superuser Yes
    Create roles? No
    Create database? Yes
    Inherit rights from the parent roles? Yes
    Can initiate streaming replication and backups? No
  6. Remember your password because you will need it in the enaio® coLab configuration file.

  7. Click the Database tab and create a new database named colab with a user named colab as the owner.

  8. Leave all other settings at their default values.