Installing enaio® mail-archive-service

enaio® mail-archive-service 11.0 »

Installation Requirements

enaio® Components

enaio® requires the following components and configurations:

  • enaio® version 11.0

  • Services as part of enaio® version 11.0, specifically 'dms' and 'license'.

  • Object definition for journaling. We offer an object definition file for download.

  • The 'MAS' license. The license is included via enaio® enterprise-manager.

    If the 'MAS' license exists as a workstation-bound seat license, then it must be assigned to the station on which enaio® service-manager is running with the 'license' service.

  • enaio® server must be accessible via the Internet using the SMTP port (default 25) to receive e-mails from Microsoft Exchange Online.

  • Snapshot Transaction Isolation Level must be enabled for the database.

Other Requirements

The following third-party software is required for certain use cases:

  • If the mailbox is retrieved from Microsoft Exchange Online: Graph API

  • If Premium Journaling for Microsoft Exchange 2016/2019 is used: CAL Enterprise license

Recommended Third-party Software

For scraping and graphical visualization of operational data: Prometheus

For a more detailed visualization of operational data: Grafana


enaio® mail-archive-service consists of three microservices that are installed via enaio® service-manager. Enable the 'massmtp', 'masmailbox', and 'masstorage' services during installation.

The services are not active after installation.

The 'massmtp' service is not required for plain mailbox archiving.

Version Note

enaio® version 10.10 came with version 1.0 of enaio® mail-archive-service.

The current version for enaio® version 11.0 is version 2.1.3.

If you have already installed enaio® mail-archive-service 1.x or later, then you will need to reconfigure the three services located in the \config\ directory of enaio® service-manager via the configuration files after upgrading to the latest version 2.x: 'massmtp-prod.yml', 'masmailbox-prod.yml', 'masstorage-prod.yml', and 'application-mas.yml'.

The previous 'mailjournaling' service will be uninstalled automatically.

'MAS' License

As of enaio®, version 11.0 checks enaio® mail-archive-service licenses via the 'license' service.

If an existing 'MAS' license exists as a workstation-bound seat license and has already been imported, then it must be reassigned to the station on which enaio® service-manager is running with the 'license' service in enaio® enterprise-manager.

For example, you determine the necessary station after the update as follows:

  • Start enaio® enterprise-manager.

  • Open the Advanced Administration > Monitoring > Job Calls area.

  • Enable subsequent instances and enter license.

  • Click Start monitoring.

  • Restart the 'license' service.

    Now the list shows from which station the 'license' service requests licenses.

    You can stop monitoring.

  • Assign the 'MAS' module to the station shown via the Licenses area.

  • Restart the 'license' service.