Managing Event Scripts

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Event scripts are created, edited, and saved in the database with enaio® editor-for-events, which is part of enaio® client.

Script files for events in enaio® service-manager can be integrated to simplify script processing and management, especially for comparing development, test, and productive systems. The event scripts in enaio® editor-for-events can then only consist of integrating and executing a script file from the configuration area of enaio® service-manager.

The configuration area can also be integrated into Git and managed via branches.

Configuration Area of enaio® service-manager

The configuration files of the microservices are located in the \service-manager\config directory.

Public directories can be created in this directory, which can be accessed by enaio® webclient via enaio® gateway.

The following directory structure must be created:


Example: \service-manager\config\apps\osweb\public

The path can contain multiple project directories with respective subdirectories before the public directory.

The scripts are then saved in the \public directory.

Integrating Scripts

The scripts in public directories must be integrated via enaio® editor-for-events in event scripts or in GlobalWebClientScript:

formHelper.getPublicResource("<projekt>/public/eventscriptname.js").then(result =>

Details can be found in the developer area.