Query Behavior

enaio® webclient 10.10 »

Objects are filed in enaio® in a hierarchical structure consisting of cabinets, folders, and registers. In the case of combined queries (see enaio® client\Combines searches External link icon), where the search is run for specific documents in specific registers, objects that are not in a register are excluded by default in enaio®. Although it is currently not possible to create combined requests in enaio® webclient, this query behavior has an effect on combined requests that have been imported from enaio® client in enaio® webclient (see Using Saved Searches).

You can specify in the enaio® webclient settings whether objects without a register assignment should also be added to the hit list of your combined search request described above.

The settings for query behavior are synchronized between enaio® webclient and enaio® client. This means that the settings for query behavior that you make in enaio® webclient also apply to enaio® client and vice versa.