Copying Objects

enaio® webclient 10.10 »

In enaio® webclient you can copy objects (documents and registers) within a cabinet. Here you have a choice between:

  • Create copy

    A copy is a new, standalone object of the same type with the same content. When you create a copy, the index data of the new object will be opened for editing. A copy of an object can also be created at the same location.

  • Add location

    You can also assign multiple locations to a document (see Documents with Multiple Locations). The same content and index data are accessed from all the locations of the document. Changes to a document made at one location are therefore also visible at all other locations. If you delete a document that exists in multiple locations from one location, then only the location data at that specific location will be deleted.

    Folders and registers can only have one location.

If you cannot insert a copied object at the desired location or add another location to a copied document, this may be because:

  • you do not have the appropriate rights at the desired location.

  • the type of copied object cannot be inserted at the desired location.