Managing Notes

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Notes can be added to any object (folders, registers, documents) in enaio®. You create notes in the details preview of a selected object.

To view, create, and edit notes, users require the system roles Open notes and Edit notes.

In object lists (e.g., in a hit list, at a filing location, in the favorites area), objects with notes are indicated with a Note icon Note icon. If you hover the cursor over the icon, a tooltip will show you the number of notes.

Please note that static columns may be hidden. You can find information on how to show and hide static columns in Changing How Static Columns Are Displayed in Object Lists.

Notes in enaio® are not the same as preview annotations. Notes are managed in the details preview of a selected object, whereas preview annotations are managed in the content preview. You can attach notes to folders, registers, and documents, while preview annotations can only be attached to documents (see also Preview Annotations).