Changing the Archiving Status

enaio® webclient 10.10 »

In enaio®, documents can have the archiving status Archivable icon Approved for archiving or Not archivable iconNot approved for archiving. If the administrator has not already archived documents in an audit-proof way, you can change the archiving status if you have the appropriate rights.

You can change the archiving status of a document or multiple documents at the following locations in the system via the context menu:

  • in hit lists and in folder windows
  • in variant administration
  • in workflow files
  • in the favorites and in the history view in the main menu
  • in the subscription list or in the follow-up list in the inbox.

To change the archiving property, follow these steps

  1. Select one or more documents in one of the above-mentioned lists.

  2. Open the context menu.

  3. Select Set as archivable icon Set as archivable or Set as not archivable icon Set as not archivable in the context menu of the selected document(s).

The archiving status of the document(s) is changed.

The display of icons in the object list is refreshed.