Object Search

enaio® webclient 10.10 »

You open the forms used to search for objects (documents, registers, and folders) via the object search.

You open the object search via the Object search icon Object search icon in the main menu.

This area is subdivided by folder type in accordance with the hierarchical filing structure in the enaio® filing system. These areas can be expanded and collapsed; when expanded they display the folder type and all associated register types and document types. Clicking or tapping on an item opens the search form in the workspace.

You can use the search form to carry out a targeted search in the specific index data fields of an object type. You also have the option to further restrict your search to specific basic parameters (e.g., creator, editor, and creation/editing date) using the Basic parameters icon 'Add basic parameters' icon in the search form header area. See Searching for Objects Using Index Data and Basic Parameters for information on searches using search forms.

If full-text search is set up for an object type, the search form header area will include an additional field for full-text searches across all objects of this type. Also see Full-Text Search Syntax for information on how to use full-text searches.