Deleting Project Rooms

enaio® coLab 10.10 »

Project room owners, project members with a corresponding user-defined role, and coLab administrators can delete project rooms in enaio® coLab. Deleting the project room does not delete any directory structures or files in enaio®. The directory structures and files are only deleted in the enaio® coLab project room. The property of the root object to synchronize folders, registers, and files from enaio® in a enaio® coLab project room is also cleared.

With the deletion, the messages, tasks, and participant profiles in the project room are also deleted. They cannot be restored either.

The coLab user profiles of the project members, their participation in other projects, and the coLab upload type are not deleted in the process.

Deleting the root object of a project room in enaio® will also delete the corresponding folders, registers, and files in enaio® coLab. However, the project room, its messages on the home screen, and its tasks on the task page will not be deleted.