Editing Task Groups

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Task groups can be edited by any project member in the tasks view. You can open the tasks view by clicking the Tasks icon Tasks icon in the header of enaio® coLab.

It is possible that the tasks view and the task area on the project’s home screen have been hidden in the settings of enaio® coLab (see The General Settings Area).

In the tasks view you have the following editing options for task groups:

  • Change the title of task groups

    Clicking the Rename file icon Pencil icon in the task groups list will open an input form in which you can rename the selected task group.

    An input form will appear. There, you can enter a title for the task group with up to 255 characters including spaces. Click the Save changes button to conclude the entry. The changed title of the task group is immediately shown in the task group list.

    If project members have been assigned tasks from the task group, the changed task group title will also be shown on the project’s home screens of these members.

  • Delete task groups

    Clicking the Recycle bin icon Recycle bin icon in the task group list will delete the selected task group after a confirmation dialog.

    Deleting the task group means that all tasks assigned to this task group are also deleted.

    If project members were assigned tasks from the task group, then the task group and the tasks contained in it are no longer shown on the project’s home screen of these members after the task group has been deleted.

If the features described above are not available to you, then it may be because you have been assigned a user-defined role that does not contain the corresponding rights. Contact a coLab administrator or the project room owner if you have any questions or if you need these rights.